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Our goal here at PlayKentucky is to provide up-to-date news and information on legal gambling in Kentucky. Whether you want to learn about currently available legal gambling options or are seeking information about future gambling expansion in KY, this is the place.

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What PlayKentucky does

PlayKentucky devotes itself to sharing information about legal gambling in the state. We not only cover current gambling options for Kentuckians but also keep you informed on any new developments. 

PlayKentucky reports on all facets of legal gambling in Kentucky, including horse betting, the Kentucky Lottery, charitable gaming, and now retail and online sports betting. We also cover new legislation and other gambling-related news in the Bluegrass State

Our site is part of the Catena Media network, which includes other state-specific Play-branded sites that similarly report on legal gambling in the United States. We have country-wide sites as well that cover gambling on a national level. 

PlayKentucky has affiliate partnerships with legal gambling entities, but our partners have no editorial input here. Our reporting is entirely independent. Since we focus on legal gambling, we do not report on websites or entities that operate without licensing or legal authorization in the US or KY.

Our mission at PlayKentucky

Our primary mission here at PlayKentucky is to help you not only learn about legal gambling options in Kentucky but also improve your experience should you choose to engage with them.

We report on current legal gambling options as well as any changes to Kentucky laws or regulations that might affect gamblers. You’ll find our news articles, features and informational pages contain a wealth of answers to practically any question you might have about KY gambling. 

Being fully informed when gambling increases your chances of having a positive experience. Not only will you understand how to go about engaging in the activity, but you’ll better understand the potential risks and rewards. You’ll also be better prepared to practice responsible gambling and avoid the pitfalls of problem gambling.  

We also strive to be a resource for other media outlets researching their own reporting about legal gambling in Kentucky. You can rely on PlayKentucky for accurate and current information that can be confidently referenced as authoritative.

Meet the PlayKentucky team

The PlayKentucky staff combines for decades of experience in both journalism and the gambling industry. Before they started covering the upcoming Kentucky sports betting launch, the team was writing for award-winning media outlets both in and outside the gambling world.

Everyone who writes for PlayKentucky is either a full-time employee of Catena Media or a carefully vetted freelancer. We do not accept submissions from guest writers or publish any unsolicited content.


Steve Schult PlayKentucky

Managing Editor: Steve Schult

Steve Schult is the Managing Editor of PlayKentucky. He is a veteran of the gambling industry with more than a decade of experience covering the space.

After earning a degree in journalism from Marist College, the New York native began covering high-stakes poker tournaments for some of the game’s most prominent publications. Following stints with Card Player Media, Bluff Magazine and the World Series of Poker, Schult joined Catena Media and covered regional gambling news for several states.

When he isn’t covering Kentucky gambling, the Las Vegas resident can be found at the local hockey rink working on his slap shot.

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Matthew Bain, playkentucky.com

Content Manager: Matthew Bain

Matthew Bain is the Content Manager for PlayKentucky. Before joining Catena Media in 2022, Matthew spent six years with the USA TODAY Network as a reporter and deputy sports editor at the Des Moines Register.

A California native, Matthew helped spearhead coverage of Prop 26 vs. Prop 27 and led Catena Media’s coverage of the Massachusetts sports betting launch.

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Chris Gerlacher, playkentucky.com

Lead Writer: Chris Gerlacher

Chris Gerlacher is the lead writer for PlayKentucky. The Colorado native is an experienced writer who previously was published in The Daily Camera and Free Inquiry. 

Before launching his writing career, he received a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Colorado with a dual emphasis in entrepreneurship and human resources. The Dallas native will focus on Kentucky sports betting’s bigger picture, including its relationship with the Kentucky public pension fund, responsible gaming measures and other regulatory issues.

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Adam Hensley

Staff Writer: Adam Hensley

Adam Hensley is a staff writer for PlayKentucky. His byline has appeared in the Associated Press, Sports Illustrated and sites within the USA Today Network.

Hensley graduated from the University of Iowa in 2019 and spent his college career working as an editor and reporter for the Daily Iowan’s sports department. Hensley joined Catena Media last year and spent most of his time covering Virginia’s betting industry. Now, he will be focusing on the burgeoning Kentucky market.

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Andrew Champagne

Contributor: Andrew Champangne

Andrew Champagne is a Content Manager at Catena Media, as well as an award-winning writer and producer. However, he will be contributing to PlayKentucky, mostly providing insight into the Kentucky horse racing industry. 

A passionate storyteller, Andrew boasts a career that has included stints at The Daily Racing Form, TVG Network, and HRTV. Born and raised in upstate New York, Andrew now resides in Northern California’s Bay Area. You can often find him handicapping horse races, planning his next trip to Las Vegas, bowling reasonably well, and golfing incredibly poorly.

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Outreach Content Manager: Matt Schoch

How reporting gets done at PlayKentucky

Our editorial process at PlayKentucky focuses on producing fact-based and objective reporting and informational content. Whenever possible, we rely solely on primary sources. That means conducting interviews, consulting primary documents and data, and seeking out other relevant sources to make certain our reporting is factual and complete. 

The PlayKentucky staff collaborates on what news items need reporting and what informational content we should provide on the site. Then, every item we produce goes through a rigorous editorial process that includes fact-checking, proofreading and multiple levels of content review before publication.  

If you happen to come across any possible inaccuracies or errors on the site, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Even with such extensive efforts to prevent mistakes, we are human and very glad to make any needed corrections.

Who we are at PlayKentucky

The staff at PlayKentucky represents a variety of experiences and backgrounds that prepare us professionally to cover Kentucky gambling. 

Our editors and writers have extensive journalistic experience, including working for newspapers, websites, magazines and other state and national outlets. In some cases, our writers have worked in the gambling industry in casinos, poker rooms and sportsbooks. Our team also consists of writers who’ve covered sports, politics and the law. 

Furthermore, many of us have direct experience from which we can draw when reporting on different types of gambling, including wagering on horse races, playing casino games and poker, and betting on sports. As such, we know first-hand how to play the games and engage in the different types of gambling on which we are reporting.

Advertising at PlayKentucky

Like other sites in the Catena Media network, PlayKentucky is an affiliate site. You may see advertisements and/or offers from our affiliate partners on the site with all advertising clearly marked. We accept no other forms of advertising, nor do we entertain unsolicited offers to advertise on the site. 

Be aware that our partners have no editorial input on our reporting here at PlayKentucky. As an entirely independent site striving to be unbiased and accurate regarding Kentucky gambling, we exert total control over all our content.

Want to write for PlayKentucky?

Articles and informational pages on PlayKentucky are primarily produced by our staff, although we do occasionally hire freelancers. If you have experience in journalism and/or the gambling industry and are interested in contributing to PlayKentucky, we would be more than glad to talk with you. 

If you are interested in writing for PlayKentucky or any other Catena site, contact us by email. Also, if you are interested in other types of work, check out our open positions by visiting the Catena careers page.

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