Media Inquiries

If you are part of the media and either researching or reporting on legal Kentucky gambling, we at PlayKentucky are here to help! Our staff is more than happy to share its expertise and knowledge with fellow reporters and media members seeking information about gambling in the Bluegrass State.

PlayKentucky offers both ongoing Kentucky gambling reporting as well as a host of informational pages on a range of topics. If you have questions about something in particular, spend some time looking around and you’ll likely find your answer. But if you don’t, or if you want to delve deeper into any KY gambling-related topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kentucky’s recent decision to legalize both online and retail sports betting has earned a lot of attention. If you are looking for more insight on Kentucky horse betting, the Kentucky Lottery, charitable gaming in KY or anything else related to gambling in KY—including the potential for future gambling expansion—you can drop us a line.

Our staff at PlayKentucky includes industry experts and analysts with ample experience reporting on gambling both in Kentucky and elsewhere. We are also part of the Catena Media network, which includes numerous other state-specific and national gambling news sites. That enables us to draw on still more resources to help with our reporting as well as with yours.

We can answer questions and/or provide further background information to help add to your knowledge about a Kentucky gambling-related topic or issue. We are also available to make guest appearances on podcasts or other programs, or even help with research and/or special analyses.

Media members with any such needs can contact us at [email protected]. Meanwhile, thanks very much for visiting PlayKentucky!