Editorial Guidelines

We at PlayKentucky are committed to bringing you the best and latest news, updates and information about gambling in Kentucky. We also strive to provide accurate and trustworthy reporting on Kentucky gambling.

Let us share how we go about producing articles and informative pages, plus the editorial process we follow to ensure you can depend on us as a reliable source of news and information about all aspects of legal gambling in Kentucky.

We cover only legal gambling

As noted, our focus is on legal gambling in Kentucky. We generally do not report on or share information about illegal types of gambling, including on gambling sites that operate outside of KY law. We will share information about illegal gambling only to warn you about its dangers.

You’ll find that our informational pages cite relevant parts of Kentucky law to help show which forms of gambling are legal. We’ll call on other authoritative sources, such as regulations or state attorney general opinions, to help provide such clarity.

We are here to serve as a repository of information about what gambling is legal (and illegal) in Kentucky. Doing so serves our larger goal to better the experience for those who do participate in legal gambling. Whenever you engage in a gambling activity, you want to be as informed as possible, including about the legality of the activity.

How we gather information

When reporting and otherwise gathering information to share about legal gambling in Kentucky, we first consult primary sources. We often speak directly to lawmakers, regulators, track personnel and law enforcement officials about the current status of legal gambling in the Bluegrass State.

In many cases, we’ll speak to the person at the center of the story, be it the legislator writing the key bill, the agency official promulgating the regulations or the gaming venue personnel who have to abide by the rules and standards. As often as we can, we’ll obtain concrete confirmation to go along with what those sources say by using direct resources and citations from Kentucky law or regulations.

Because our team of writers at PlayKentucky is steeped in years of gaming industry knowledge and networking, we will occasionally hear rumbles about new changes coming down the line. However, unless we can independently and solidly verify the veracity of those rumors, they will stay out of our reporting.

PlayKentucky is not a gossip site, nor do we traffic in innuendo or unsourced opinions. We will never report any news unless we have rock-solid confirmation from relevant sources.

Our standards for publication

Every word you read on PlayKentucky is either original content or a dutifully cited quotation from a primary source. All of our writers are either staff members or freelance writers whom we have vetted thoroughly.

We may, on occasion, use another news outlet’s reporting as the starting point for our original report. In those cases, before we proceed with our angle on the story, we will first confirm the outlet’s report is accurate. Then, if we do end up using the content, we will cite the news outlet appropriately and clearly as the initial source of the news.

Be aware as well that nothing you read here is a rough draft or first draft. Each article and page undergoes a rigorous editing process by copy editors, content editors and the managing editor of PlayKentucky. Every fact is double-checked for accuracy. The editors smooth out the content for readability and grammar. When and if the information on a given page becomes outdated, we update the page appropriately.

Despite such rigorous review, it is always possible an error can slip through. If you notice anything amiss, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Let us know of any such mistakes so that we can correct them or clarify our reporting.

What is PlayKentucky?

Despite our commitment to journalistic standards, PlayKentucky is not a traditional news outlet. Newspapers and television stations primarily earn their money through advertising. Although companies that purchase advertising with these outlets may align with them philosophically, it is not an absolute requirement. Hence, you sometimes see strange or incongruous ad placements juxtaposed with news stories.

We don’t do that. PlayKentucky is an affiliate marketing site. We partner with top gaming companies that are licensed and regulated to do business in Kentucky. Our partnerships mean that we can extend bonus offers and promotions to you that, in many cases, you cannot find elsewhere.

PlayKentucky is a member of the Catena Media family. Catena owns a multitude of gambling information sites around the world and is one of the top iGaming marketing companies in the industry. Thus, we are able to offer some of the best bonuses you’ll find from the world’s top gaming providers.

Note, however, that you are never under any obligation to exercise your option on one of these bonuses. We will also never ask for your email address or attempt to spam you with offers. PlayKentucky is always going to be subscription-free, and you can consume our news and information as you please.

We are independent of our partners

Despite those affiliate relationships, we feel it’s important to mention that none of our content is subject to editorial control from any of our partners. Decisions about what to report or what information to provide are solely made by our staff with complete independence from any market entity.

Advertising inquiries 

PlayKentucky does not accept or publish any advertising inquiries from external sources. We do not seek advertising contracts with any vendors. All of the advertising you see on our pages comes from our affiliate partners.

Contact us

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Once again, if you see something on our site that doesn’t look right, please get in touch. On the other hand, if you like the reporting you’re seeing, let us know that as well. It’s always nice to hear that we’ve helped someone in their journey with gambling in Kentucky.

Finally, if there’s any information about legal Kentucky gambling you would like to see on the site that isn’t already here, shoot us a note. We want PlayKentucky to be your go-to site for anything to do with legal gambling in the Bluegrass State.