Kentucky Lottery Unveils 2022’s New Family of Games

Written By Veronica Sparks on February 9, 2022
The Kentucky Lottery has launched a new family of games to kick off 2022.

The Kentucky Lottery has announced new games called the  X Family of Games. Five different scratch-offs are offered priced between $1 and $20, with possible winnings up to $1 million.

Initial winning tickets aren’t the only ones with the possibility of getting a portion of the prize pot. Non-winning tickets can also enter the Second Chance Promotion for the possibility of winning a portion of an additional $50,000 pot.

New Kentucky Lottery games feature Doubler Box and multipliers

The first round of winners stands to gain the most prize money from the X Family of Games pot. Players can mix and match purchases among the five different ticket price points.

Players scratch off the numbers on their X Family tickets, along with the winning numbers, to see if they have any matches. Some tickets may include a multiplier symbol between 2X and 100X, allowing players to multiply their prize by that number.

All tickets also have a “Doubler Box” with a “Win All Doubler Number.” If a player matches one of their numbers to the Win All Double Number, their prize money is doubled.

10X tickets

The lowest price point is only $1 for a 10X ticket. Players can match any five numbers to the winning number and win up to 5 times total. The maximum prize is $5,000 of the 10X tickets’ $2 million pot.

Multipliers are between 2X and 10X for these tickets.

20X tickets

At $2 per ticket, players can win up to 10 times by matching any of 10 numbers to the winning number. The maximum prize is $20,000 of a $3.8 million pot for 20X tickets.

Multipliers are between 2X and 20X for these tickets.

50X tickets

50X tickets cost $5 each, and players can win up to 15 times by matching any of their 15 numbers to the winning number. The top prize is $100,000 of the 10X tickets’ $14.3 million prize pot.

Multipliers are between 2X and 50X for these tickets.

100X tickets

The maximum prize for the 100X tickets is a whopping $250,000 of the $33.5 million pot. 100X tickets cost $10 each, and players can win up to 15 times by matching one of their 15 numbers to the winning number on the ticket.

Multipliers are between 2X and 100X for these tickets.

200X tickets

With the highest maximum prize of $1 million of the $77.6 million pot, the 200X tickets cost $20 each. Players can win up to 25 times by matching one of their 20 numbers with one of the eight winning numbers.

Multipliers for the 200X tickets are between 10X and 200X. There are also a couple of extra chances to win prizes on these tickets at the top price point:

  • Two special symbols earn players $200 automatically, or an immediate win of all 20 prizes shown.
  • A Bonus Play area at the bottom of the ticket has five scratchable Play Spots that could contain a “$$” symbol for automatic extra winnings.

Players can scan their tickets on the Kentucky Lottery app for all ticket price points to see if they have a winning ticket.

Losing tickets can still win up in the Second Chance Promotion

The Kentucky Lottery currently has several promotions underway, including the Second Chance promotion for non-winning tickets. Excluding online tickets, players can enter any eligible non-winning X Family of Games tickets for one more shot at prizes. Here’s what winners of the Second Chance Promotion could get:

  • One 200X ticket will win $25,000 cash.
  • One 100X ticket will win $10,000 cash.
  • One 50X ticket will win $7,500 cash.
  • One 20X ticket will win $5,000 cash.
  • One 10X ticket will win $2,500 cash.

To be eligible for the Second Chance Promotion, players with non-winning tickets must:

  1. Register for a Fun Club account at and agree to requirements and Terms of Use.
  2. Log in and submit eligible tickets under the promotion by 11:59:59 PM ET.

Winners can win only one prize in the Second Chance Promotion.

The new ticket series reintroduces “a family of games”

“I know players are going to be excited about all the great chances to win with the X Family of Games,” Mary Harville, President and CEO of the Kentucky Lottery, said. “These themes that all tie together, like the X Family, can create fun experiences for players. They can buy at different price points and then see which games they like the best.

“It’s actually been a while since we’ve had a family of games in the marketplace,” Harville added. “But we know players love them, so it’s time to welcome the family back!”

Promotion period for X Family of Games ends February 20

The Kentucky Lottery began selling tickets at retailers for the X Family promotion on Thursday, January 6, 2022, at 12:00 AM ET. The promotion concludes on Sunday, February 20, 2022, at 11:59 PM ET.

Prize drawings for the Second Chance Promotion will be held on or around Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

The X Family of Games is available at retailers statewide. Tickets are easy to spot with eye-catching designs in bright neon colors like yellow, pink, green, red, and blue.

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