Co-workers Win Kentucky Lottery Prize After 10 Years Of Play

Written By Veronica Sparks on June 2, 2022
Kentucky Lottery Awards Big Winnings To Group Of Coworkers

A group of 17 Frankfort co-workers has been playing a Kentucky Lottery pool together for more than 10 years. In the May 2 drawing, the group finally hit a big prize with one of their Lottery tickets.

The ticket with the winning numbers was purchased at the Speedway in Waddy on Waddy Road. As a bonus for selling the winning ticket, the Speedway store will receive $500.

The group of winners has asked to remain anonymous. They’ve requested that both their names and the name of their employer not be revealed.

How much did the Frankfort co-workers win with their Kentucky Lottery pool?

One of the tickets purchased in the pool matched the Powerball as well as four white-ball numbers. According to Kentucky Lottery officials, the group ended up winning the Powerball prize of $50,000 for their winning ticket.

The person who purchased the group’s tickets said that one of the other group members actually called her to tell her they won $50k with one of their tickets.

The purchaser wanted to doublecheck everything, though, before announcing the winnings to the group.

“I didn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up before I had checked the tickets,” she said to Lottery officials. “And wanted to find out about the claims process for the group before sharing the news.”

After taxes are taken out of the Lottery winnings, each group member will receive roughly $2,088.

They played KY Lottery for over a decade

For the past 10 or more years, one person from the group of co-workers has purchased tickets for the whole group. Tickets bought were always for both the Mega Millions and Powerball.

They would buy tickets for five weeks each time and then purchase new ones five weeks later.

“Thank goodness for the multi-draw option,” joked one of the co-workers.

When it was time to purchase new Lottery tickets, that’s when they would typically check the last round of tickets to see if any of them won.

What the co-workers plan to do with their winnings

Once they’ve received their payouts for the winning KY Lottery ticket, each of the co-workers already has plans for how they’ll spend their big payday.

One group member said he will be buying an extravagant anniversary gift as a surprise for his wife. Another member said their prize money will go toward a down payment on a new house.

Many of the co-workers simply have plans to pay off some bills with their winnings.

Regardless of how they’ll spend what they’ve won, the group has said they’ll still continue to play their Kentucky Lottery pools as usual.

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