Online Lottery Player Wins Celtic Coins Jackpot Worth Over $100,000

Written By Chris Imperiale on July 5, 2022 - Last Updated on May 22, 2023
Celtic Coins online lottery winner in Kentucky

A Bluegrass State resident hit a jackpot worth more than $100,000 playing Celtic Coins Jackpot Instant Play through the Kentucky online lottery.

Lisa Maltese, from Prospect, was ironically showing her mom how to play the game when her luck kicked in. Her $5 bet resulted in a Coin Frenzy Bonus, producing a total win of $111,615.38 from the online title.

Maltese has already validated her massive win, collecting her winnings from the KY Lottery headquarters in Louisville.

There are several instant-play online games available on the Kentucky Lottery site. And draw games like Powerball are also available for online purchase.

This is one way the state is providing online gambling for Kentucky. Perhaps the next and logical step will be to legalize Kentucky online sports betting.

Kentucky Lottery player lands six-figure payday

Naturally, the time you least expect something to happen is when it most likely occurs. Maltese simply wanted to help set her mom up with the game, when lightning struck. According to WDRB, she said:

“I called my mom into the room, and we sat down at my laptop. I wanted to show her step-by-step how to play.”

The next thing she knew, the Celtic Coins Jackpot game started doing things, eventually showing a pyramid that displayed her winnings. Maltese explained: “I just couldn’t believe it. It was so nice my mom was sitting next to me.”

Her husband, who didn’t witness it happen, also thought she just made a joke. Overall, she took home $79,246.90 following taxes.

The two intend on planning a vacation shortly.

Progressive jackpots at the KY Lottery

Celtic Coins Jackpot Instant Play is one of the few online offerings from the KY Lottery that includes a progressive jackpot.

This means that the game features a bonus jackpot that is constantly increasing until someone secures it. These are fairly similar to progressive slots found at retail and online casinos around the country.

The Celtic Coins’ progressive jackpot starts at $100,000 and continues to climb with every purchase of the instant game. Exactly 2% of its sales are placed into the progressive grand prize each time.

Celtic Coins’ concept revolves around matching your numbers to the winning numbers. The game includes a wide range of additional bonuses, as well as symbols that unlock multipliers and the ability to win the jackpot.

By revealing a Lucky Bonus or a Coin Frenzy Bonus (like Maltese did), you enter the bonus round. Here, lottery players get the chance to earn the progressive jackpot through more bonus levels.

The coin frenzy unveils a six-row pyramid where players must press stop to land on a tile in each section with different prize amounts. Then at the end, you’ll either hit the collect button or the jackpot button in the same manner. It should be noted there are two collects, compared to only one jackpot selection.

The collect option provides players the total they amounted during this bonus. Or in Maltese’s case, choosing the jackpot tile nets the entire progressive, exceeding at least $100,000.

It doesn’t cost a lot to have an opportunity at a six-figure payout. KY Lottery players can take a chance on Celtic Coins for a mere 50 cents. Other bet amounts include $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, and $20.

With the game’s jackpot always starting at $100,000, there’s never a bad time to start playing. In just a few days, it’s likely to get back to the $111,000 like this latest jackpot.

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