Bet on NFL Win Totals in Kentucky

With each team playing just 17 regular-season games and the prevailing wisdom that the unexpected can happen on any given Sunday, NFL win totals are as fun and interesting as futures betting markets can get.

Here, you bet on whether an NFL team will win more or fewer regular season games than a specific line set by sportsbooks. This is a great way to get in on the action the NFL regular season provides. It’s a standard over/under futures bet, and even though the odds and line may move ahead of the season, you lock it all in when you lay down a bet.

Sportsbooks settle all bets after the regular season is through. The ‘over’ pays when the team you bet on wins more games than the line said they would, and the ‘under’ comes in when they don’t.

Here’s a complete guide to betting on NFL season win totals online in Kentucky, including a look at the latest NFL win totals odds from the top online sportsbooks in the state.

2024 NFL win totals odds

Here’s where you’ll find the latest NFL win totals betting odds from the best sportsbook sites in Kentucky.

Best KY sportsbooks for NFL win totals

Betting on NFL season win totals is easy. Open any Kentucky online sportsbook’s mobile app or website during the offseason and navigate to the NFL betting markets through any tab or button that says ‘NFL’ or ‘Football.’ The team win totals should be right up front, but you may have to click a tab that reads ‘Win Totals’ or ‘Regular Season Wins.’

Do that, and you’ll see the over/under on wins for every team in the NFL this season, with the latest odds posted beside that number. Click on whatever side you like and complete the instantly created bet slip to place a bet. Here’s a look at the top Kentucky online sportsbooks for betting on NFL win totals.

  • DraftKings Sportsbook: DraftKings KY gives you more betting options than most sportsbooks, including up-to-date and competitive NFL win totals. The innovative and easily navigated platform makes betting on NFL win totals a breeze at DK. Plus, you’ll find alternate lines and even more futures.
  • FanDuel Sportsbook: FanDuel KY seems to be the market-leading sportsbook in every state it enters. All its lines and odds are competitive, including its NFL win totals. Plus, the easy-to-use interface makes its NFL win totals markets easily accessible and readily available.
  • BetMGM Sportsbook: BetMGM KY competes by posting extremely competitive lines and odds across the board, including its NFL win totals. The platform also features a dedicated NFL win totals section. Plus, it’s easy to find other NFL futures here.
  • Caesars Sportsbook: Caesars KY may offer Kentucky’s best NFL win totals lines and odds. The business-like platform makes finding NFL win totals markets easy, and getting a bet down is even easier. The truth is that every one of Caesars’ NFL futures odds and lines is worth examining before you bet anywhere else.

How does an NFL win total bet work?

NFL win totals bets are standard over/under futures bets. Ahead of the season, sportsbooks post a line for every NFL team estimating how many regular-season wins they’ll put together. You bet the team’s win total will end up over or under that line at the end of the season.

Beside each line, you’ll see the current odds on the over and under. These generally start at -110 for both the over and the under. That gives sportsbooks a chance to earn a small profit as long as that betting evens out. Sportsbooks will change the odds when there’s more betting on one side to make the other more attractive and get the betting back to even.

The line might move as well. This movement is almost always because some news about injuries, free agents or trades has come out. No matter how much the lines or odds change or the reason why, you lock the numbers in when you place your bet. With the new line or odds, you can get in on more action, but your original bet still stands. You’d get paid at the odds as posted when you placed your bet if you picked correctly against the line as posted when you bet.

That means if you place a bet on the Cincinnati Bengals under at 11.5 (-110) in March 2023, and they go 11-6 this season, you’ll get paid $100 for every $110 you bet. You’ll get paid at those same odds even if the odds change to 11.5 (-135) in the month after you place your bet. Plus, you’ll still win the bet even if the line is moved to 10.5 games just before the season starts.

Once you’ve bet, the only way out is if the NFL cancels the season. In this case, sportsbooks will return all bets.

NFL win totals betting trends

Every new NFL season represents a different challenge for gauging team win totals. Thus, it’s nearly impossible to identify trends when placing NFL win totals bets for the upcoming season.

We can say that oddsmakers rely heavily on last season’s numbers when they set opening NFL win totals lines. Even the Super Bowl favorites won’t have an opening NFL win totals line higher than 11.5 games. If you have some reason to think a team will be much improved over last year and win more than 11 games this year, you can take advantage of these recent trends in how NFL win totals opening lines are set.

To give you some idea about what might happen this season and how unpredictable it may be, here’s a look at what happened in the NFL win totals market last season, with lines from DraftKings Sportsbook from March 2022:

Team2022 Win Totals Line2022 Wins
Kansas City Chiefs10.514
Tampa Bay Buccaneers11.58
Baltimore Ravens9.510
Buffalo Bills11.513
Cleveland Browns8.57
LA Rams10.55
San Francisco 49ers1013
Green Bay Packers118
Seattle Seahawks5.59
New England Patriots8.58
LA Chargers1010
Miami Dolphins99
Indianapolis Colts104
Dallas Cowboys1012
Tennessee Titans97
New Orleans Saints8.57
Minnesota Vikings913
Pittsburgh Steelers7.59
Denver Broncos105
Arizona Cardinals8.54
Washington Commanders88
Carolina Panthers6.57
Chicago Bears6.53
Atlanta Falcons57
New York Giants79
Las Vegas Raiders8.56
Cincinnati Bengals1012
Philadelphia Eagles9.514
Jacksonville Jaguars6.59
New York Jets5.57
Detroit Lions6.59
Houston Texans4.53

Betting tips for NFL win totals

Here are three tips that can help you make informed and educated NFL over/under win totals bets.

  • Divisions Count: NFL teams play more than one-third of their games against the three other teams in their division. The strength of those divisional foes can make or break a season and heavily impacts win totals.
  • Scheduling Counts: Scheduling has a major impact on performance and win totals. Consider how many consecutive road games teams must endure and how many short weeks they have because of Thursday or Monday games. Is there a scheduling stretch where a team looks likely to go on a heater or a slump?
  • Roster Depth Counts: Teams with a roster full of players who are injury prone tend to win less. However, teams with roster depth can win even when key players are out. Consider more than just the starters because injuries are a reality for every NFL team every season.

When to bet on NFL season win totals

NFL win totals may offer more favorable lines and odds early in the offseason, but you’ll be forced to bet with less information on hand. The draft, free agency, and most offseason trades have yet to happen.

It may be best to wait for these things to play out, as all three can heavily impact projected win totals in an upcoming NFL season. That might mean waiting until the preseason is through before diving into the win totals market. However, you’ll be making more informed and better-educated bets as a result.

Who determines NFL win totals?

Sportsbooks ask oddsmakers and oddsmaking services to set these totals. These people are experts in the NFL and sports betting, and they use algorithms to come up with the lines. Everything from strength of schedule to past performance is taken into account.

Plus, oddsmakers consider how the betting public will react to a line, with the goal of drawing an even amount of betting to both the over and under. That way, sportsbooks can earn the profit built into the odds without worrying about how many games each team wins.

More NFL futures bets

You can also place bets on other NFL season-long futures. These include:

  • Super Bowl Winner
  • AFC/NFC Champions
  • Division Winners
  • AP Offensive Player of the Year
  • AP Defensive Player of the Year
  • AP Offensive Rookie of the Year
  • AP Defensive Rookie of the Year