Bet on Season Win Totals in Kentucky

Season win totals futures markets are quite popular for the four major American sports. These markets let you bet on whether a team in the NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL will amass more or fewer regular season wins than a line set by sportsbooks. In Kentucky, this market may also be available for NCAA basketball and football teams.

It’s a standard over/under futures bet available for every team in every league before each season begins. The odds and line may fluctuate in the offseason and preseason, but you lock both in when you place a bet. Sportsbooks settle all season win totals futures bets once the regular season ends. You win if you get it right.

Here’s a complete guide to betting on season win totals online in Kentucky, including the latest season win totals odds and a few tips to help you make better season win totals bets.

Season win totals odds 2024

Depending on the time of year, this is where you’ll find the latest season win totals odds for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAA basketball, or NCAA football teams from the top online sportsbooks in Kentucky.

Best KY sportsbooks for win total odds

Betting on season win totals is quite simple with Kentucky online sportsbooks. You just open up a Kentucky online sportsbook’s mobile app or website, locate the season win totals market for the sport you’re interested in, and click on the odds or line you want to bet on.

Here are the top Kentucky online sportsbooks for betting on season win totals.

DraftKings KY Sportsbook

This popular online sportsbook gives you season win totals betting options from the offseason to the end of the season in every major sport and sports league. Plus, DraftKings Sportsbook KY offers more alternate lines and a wider variety of futures than any other Kentucky sportsbook. Innovative features and an easy-to-navigate win totals menu are also a big plus.

FanDuel KY Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook in Kentucky has emerged as the market leader in almost every sports betting category, including season win totals betting. Its smooth and easy-to-use platform and range of exciting features welcome you in and make its season win totals markets accessible and easy to find. Plus, FanDuel’s season win totals odds are as competitive as they come for every sport.

BetMGM KY Sportsbook

BetMGM competes hard for market share in every state it enters. Part of that effort is continually posting competitive season win totals odds. A dedicated section for season win totals and other futures in every sport makes it easy to find the markets. Plus, BetMGM KY Sportsbook will likely run season win totals promos for Kentucky-based teams and those located nearby.

Caesars KY Sportsbook

Caesars KY Sportsbook is a favorite to have the best season win totals odds for every major sport in Kentucky. The betting platform is all business, and these season win totals markets are easy to find. Plus, all of Caesars’ futures are worth looking at before you bet.

How season win totals work

These function like most totals bets. Sportsbooks post a line estimating the number of wins a team might accumulate during the upcoming regular season. You bet that the true total number of wins will land over or under that predicted line.

The odds on both the over and under will start at even, with a small profit for sportsbooks built in. That generally means you can book bets at -110 odds for every team’s over and under.

However, these odds will fluctuate depending on public sentiment and betting patterns. In other words, when there’s more betting on one side, sportsbooks will change the odds to make the other side more attractive. Their goal is to attract an even amount of betting to each side. That way, they can earn the profit built into the odds without worrying about the actual win total any team puts up.

The line may even move if some news about the team is released, a vital member of a team has off-season surgery, suffers a catastrophic injury in the preseason, or miraculously recovers from one. Plus, all bets will be no-actioned and returned if the season is canceled for some reason.

But no matter how much the odds may change, you lock in the odds and line as posted when you place a bet. That means if you bet on the Cincinnati Bengals over at 11.5 (-110) in March 2023, and they win 12 games during this upcoming NFL regular season, you’ll get paid at -110 odds. Those are your odds even if the odds change to 11.5 (+100) after a ton of betting on the under in late April or if the line moves to 12.5 games after a key trade in July. None of that impacts your previously placed bet.

Essential tips for betting on season win totals

Here are three tips that can help you make informed decisions around season win totals.

  • Examine the schedule: Consider how long a team’s average road trip is throughout the season, the time off it has between games and its level of competition. Scheduling can have a significant impact on team performance.
  • Anticipate potential mishaps: Think about a team’s potential for injury. Teams with injury-prone players will usually win fewer games than expected if those oft-injured players go down again. However, teams with great second-stringers waiting on the bench might.
  • Be patient: Information is key when it comes to betting on anything and everything. For season win totals, bets placed early in the offseason may offer the best odds. However, you’re betting with the least amount of information at this time. The draft has yet to happen, and the free agent and offseason trade markets have yet to open up. Wait for these things to play out and see how they affect the season win totals lines and odds. You may have to wait until just before the season begins, but you’ll be making more informed and educated bets.

When is the best time to bet on season win totals?

There are two schools of thought here. The first considers that the earlier in the offseason, the better the odds and line will be on any season win totals bet. Without the draft, free agency, and the offseason trade market, oddsmakers are basing the numbers on last season. If you’ve got some inclination or inside information about how a team’s offseason will go, you might find a favorable line or mistake that helps you get the best of oddsmakers at this time.

The other approach is more conservative. If you bet this early, you’re gambling with the least amount of information. If you wait for the draft, free agency, and the offseason trade market to play out, you’ll make more informed and educated bets.

Who sets over/under season win totals?

Sportsbooks task oddsmakers and oddsmaking services with setting lines for season win totals. These oddsmakers and oddsmaking services use computer modeling and algorithms to come up with some stunningly accurate numbers.

Most of the time, these numbers are the same at every online sportsbook. That’s because most employ the same oddsmakers. You may find a slight difference in the line from one sportsbook to the next or different odds, but that’s almost always due to betting at that particular sportsbook. That’s why shopping around before you bet is always a good idea. The live odds feed above will undoubtedly help with that.

More futures

You can also place bets in other NFL, NBA, MLB, or NHL season-long futures markets beyond season win totals, including but not limited to:

  • Postseason Championships
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