Odds Boost Promos At Kentucky Sportsbooks

The biggest online sportsbook brands in the country are heading to Kentucky, ready to fight for a piece of your action. Each will compete hard for market share by offering lucrative welcome bonuses and ongoing promos to draw your business and keep it. In other words, the top online sportsbooks in the country want you to place your bets with them, and they’re willing to offer you some value in return.

Traditional odds boosts, where a sportsbook offers better-than-usual odds on a specific bet, are one of the most popular promos at legal and licensed online sportsbooks. In fact, most of these online sportsbooks boost the odds on at least a few bets every day.

Here’s a guide to betting on all the different odds boosts available, how they work, where to find the best boosts, and whether they really are a good bet.

Best KY sportsbooks for odds boosts

DraftKings Kentucky Sportsbook

DraftKings runs odds boost offers in every state where it operates. The boosts include daily odds boosts for every major sport (when in season), including the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and UFC. DraftKings adds even more value to the mix with what it calls Super Boosts. Recent examples of Super Boosts have included:

  • The KD PHX Debut Super Boost: Boosting the odds to +100 on Kevin Durant scoring 15 or more, hitting at least one three-pointer, and the Phoenix winning in Durant’s first game as a Sun.
  • The Live SGP Super Boost: A 50% odds boost on Live Single Game Parlays.
  • The NBA Play-In Superstar Super Boost: The odds on LeBron James, Jimmy Butler, Trae Young and Anthony Edwards all scoring 20 or more in NBA Play-In games boosted to +110.

DraftKings KY Sportsbook odds boosts are often giveaways, offering boosted odds and bonuses on bets regardless of the outcome. One example came during college football season last fall when DraftKings offered a $200 instant bonus to anyone betting at least $5 on any college football game, no matter what happens in the game.

Caesars Kentucky Sportsbook

Caesars already posts some of the best odds in the country, and it runs regular odds boosts on top. Caesars’ odds boosts are often outside the box. In the past, unique odds boosts at Caesars have included:

  • Boosts on NFL division title futures
  • MLB Super Boosts on one MLB game daily, boosting the odds on -140 to -200 favorites up to +100.

Caesars Kentucky runs as many as 50 different odds boost promos on a single day, including:

  • NCAA basketball boosts: Boosted odds on All Underdog Win Parlays
  • NBA boosts: Boosted odds on NBA SuperStar Scoring Prop Parlays
  • NHL boosts: Major odds boosts on Exact Score NHL Props

BetMGM Kentucky Sportsbook

BetMGM runs a variety of odds boosts generally focused on the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL.

A daily Lion’s Boost typically elevates moneyline odds from -150 to +150. During the NBA season, the Lion’s Boost might boost the odds on an NBA favorite leading after every quarter in a game from +175 up to +220.

BetMGM Sportsbook Kentucky regularly puts together its own single game parlays and boosts the odds. Plus, it gives away Odds Boost Tokens, as it did during March Madness. All BetMGM customers got two Odds Boost Tokens for first-round NCAA tournament games. One token for any straight pregame bet offering a 50% profit boost and one for any straight live bet offering the same.

FanDuel Kentucky Sportsbook

FanDuel offers regular odds boosts. In fact, there’s a ‘Boosts’ tab with a lightning logo on the menu offering boosted odds almost every day. This is where you might find:

  • Golf Odds Boosts: Boosting the odds 100 points on favorites to ‘Finish in the Top 20’ of an event.
  • Basketball Odds Boosts: Boosting the odds from -150 to +120 on NBA scoring props.
  • Baseball Odds Boosts: Boosting the odds 50 points on MLB strikeout prop parlays.
  • Football Odds Boosts: Boosted odds on select NFL bets.

FanDuel Sportsbook KY also boosts its odds during marquee sporting events like the Super Bowl.

What is an odds boost promotion?

An odds boost is a promotion run by a sportsbook offering you better-than-standard odds on a particular bet. Win the bet, and you’ll get paid more than usual.

Most sportsbooks boost the odds on a selection of bets daily and step up the boosts surrounding significant events, like betting on the Super Bowl and March Madness. Sportsbooks sometimes even let you choose the boosted bet.

Odds get boosted on everything from standard game lines to prop bets and parlays. Most odds boosts are for NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games, but you’ll also find enhanced odds bonuses for golf and tennis tournaments, UFC fights, and everything in between.

You can find odds boosts by browsing the board at most online sportsbooks, but sportsbooks will also publicize odds boosts on social media. Remember, odds boosts add tremendous value to winning bets, but you won’t get anything from an odds boost on a losing bet. Therefore, you shouldn’t let an enhanced odds promotion, coerce you into making a bet you didn’t originally want. Use these as sports betting bonuses; that’s how they’re intended.

How do boosted odds work in sports betting?

Here’s how a typical odds boost will work:

  • Sportsbooks will announce odds boosts on social media and label the odds as boosted.
  • These announcements and posts will indicate what the odds were, what the odds are now, and what the bet entails.
  • You’ll be able to find a list of available odds boosts under the ‘Boosts’ or ‘Promotions’ tab at most KY sports betting sites. Plus, odds boost tiles promoting the boost will be front and center on most lists of available bets.
  • You can usually claim an odds boost by clicking on it, filling out a bet slip, and placing your bet at the boosted odds. Otherwise, you may need to opt in or click a box telling the sportsbook you are applying an odds boost token to a particular bet.

Boosting your own odds

Sometimes, sportsbooks will let you pick where to apply an odds boost, or they’ll give you an odds boost token that you can apply to any bet you want. Usually, the exact size of the boost will be outlined, and you’ll need to opt in beforehand or apply your token to a particular bet.

Once again, remember that price boosts will add value only to winning bets. That’s why it is important to apply this type of odds boost only to a bet you might otherwise have placed at the normal odds. In other words, don’t let an odds boost affect your decision to place a bet.

NFL odds boosts

Sportsbooks offer all kinds of odds boosts surrounding NFL bets. However, NFL parlays get more boosts than most other wagers because of their sheer popularity. Plus, most sportsbooks step up their NFL-odds-boost game for the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl.

NBA odds boosts

Sportsbooks regularly boost the odds on a variety of different NBA betting markets. However, NBA scoring props and NBA scoring prop parlays get more boosts than most wagers because of their popularity. Plus, most sportsbooks will offer even more odds boosts for NBA Playoffs and NBA Finals.

MLB odds boosts

Sportsbooks run regular odds boosts surrounding every MLB bet available. However, home run and strikeout prop odds boosts are the most common. Once again, most sportsbooks  will offer even more odds boosts for the MLB postseason and World Series games.

College football and basketball odds boosts

Most sportsbooks like to run odds boosts surrounding big NCAA football and basketball games. Standard game-line parlays see the most odds boosts in these sports. Plus, you’re likely to find an increased number of odds boosts during Bowl Season and March Madness.

Odds boosts or parlays?

Parlays are the original way to boost your odds on a series of bets. String together multiple winning bets, and you’ll get paid more than the sum of the individual bets. The more bets you place as a part of your parlay, the bigger the jolt to the odds. However, the more bets you include in your parlay, the harder it is to win.

On the other hand, odds boosts add value to your winning bets without making them harder to win. That said, the boost is usually smaller than when combining bets in a parlay.

Deciding which boost offers less risk or more value is up to you. The best advice we can give is to take chances with small parlay bets that offer you the opportunity to win big, and only take advantage of an odds boost if it’s on a bet you may have placed anyway.

Are most odds boosts sucker bets?

By definition, “sucker bets” either stand no chance of winning or don’t pay anything close to the true odds of winning when they do. Odds boosts can fall into either category, like when the odds boost is on a near-impossible longshot or the boost is too small to sniff the true odds.

The thing is, odds boosts offer added value only when a bet wins. That’s why it is important to think about the odds of a bet winning in general before you consider the boost’s value. If you liked a bet before and the boost makes it all the more appealing, then you’ve found an odds boost that could work for you. If the boosted odds feel like they’re tempting you toward a bet you never would have taken before (due to lack of interest or knowledge), that’s trouble.